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Addiction and Mental Health Consulting and Support Services. I am a Psychiatrist in Redding City and I have worked with Therapy Associates Clinical Services, inc. They are very professional, fast, ready whenever called and extremely effective in getting high risk patients to treatment centers to begin the recovery process. I highly recommend this company as both interventionists and sober companions. They fill that crucial gap in treatment between the outpatient psychiatrist/psychotherapist and the inpatient treatment center. A Redding, California Psychiatrist

You are not alone.

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Im here to listen to your struggles I try my best to offer you alternative choices to live a happy and prosperous life.



Successful Stories of People just like you and I who struggled and got delivered and recieved the proper help and support."We are here to help you not to judge you."

🤩 Mental Health - Completely healed.


My son and Daughter where struggling with a lot and you helped us get back on track.

🤩 Alcohol success story


You helped my stuggle with alcohol.

🤩 Drug


You helped my stuggle with drugs.

Were you a victim of substance abuse?
If so Congratulations, We would like to hear from you. Please "tell us your story" by submitting your own testimonial of your life experience, these testimonials are read by others who are experiencing the same struggles for their encouragement and delivery from these struggles we face from time to time. - Note: Your Testimonies are confidential unless otherwise noted.

please add as much detail as possible, these stories might be edited for the clarity of our readers. submit your own story.

or are you struggling and need help overcoming these strong holds that keep weighing you down? If so contact me today and I will be your personal mentor and friend, call any day or at any time of the day.

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About Us

Connections in Recovery (CiR) specializes in client advocacy and care, working directly with families as a personalized addiction support services and mental health consulting and referral resource company. CiR was founded by Lauren Arborio and Patty Baret, who are professional Case Managers dedicated to helping those in need of addiction and mental health recovery, as well as their family members and loved ones. Recognizing both the overwhelming and also important questions often associated with seeking and then securing the best individualized treatment, CiR was designed to personally guide and facilitate all the footwork necessary to manage the entire recovery process.
Although our network of resources is vast, each member has been (and continues to be) individually researched, vetted and screened for quality, professionalism, and integrity. This exemplary commitment to patient and family care allows CiR the ability to connect our clients with only the absolute “best fit” treatment opportunities for any situation, experience, insurance plan, or budget. Our goal is to ensure that you and your loved one receive only the finest of personalized care and treatment throughout your entire recovery journey.

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