Confidential information (Log-In) option here. maybe by scanning car code on back of a DMV usued Card- Finger Print- Eye scan- or Password. (Securing everyones identities and privacy further.)

DMV ID #F4654944 - Contreras Campana Francisco Javier

LN: Contreras Campana

FN: Francisco Javier

Social Security Number: 608-38-3779

DOB: July, 04 1990 - _____
United States of America - City of Corona, CA

Lives: Redding, CA

3979 Brightwood Dr, Redding, CA 96002


Sex: M

HGT: 5'-01"

Sex: M

Your Description Here... Franciscos personal life story.


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Yup, Faster Repeatedly searches eliminated! Cool, RIGHT!!! Everything in one cabinet with many folders, Highly organized.

This will filter out illegal immigrants in every country

IF the internet was regulated to be accessed by ID persenal only.. People will be forced to register.
Those that don't will be identified, immediately with camera detection.

With their Bank card and chip they will be have a GPS tracking device at all times, monitoring all their activities.

The Great thing about this all is that we have nothing to be afraid of. Its for the safty of us all.

Our Mission

To Connect every business and people together in all aspects, one big web that wont be unweavable because it will involve all ideas into one.

Government Profiles - IDs

This will introduc the ability to log into any computer in the world without actually owning a device of your own. If you ask a friend they can simply log off and you can sign up and access all infomation including Apples, Googles, and any other sensitive data on a global scale.

With the Camera on the front of every phone and desktop and cameras everywhere, You will be watched at all times.

Because we want you!!! to obay the Law!

We will know where and when or who acceced your account every time and to verify cameras with faceal recognition will detect you, to prevent you from being sneeky.

This will also allow for degital banking to enforce taxes and to prevent fraud.

Gift currency will be monitored strickly as well as donations, this will burn many law breakers in their brains. 🤯

This Idea will come to furishtion sooner or later with or without my help since its prophecy or its just bound to happen eventually.

Plus Ive personally hear of people applying their IDs in their private area when they get pulled over to make fun of the authorities, to later brag about it. Its the truth hear it once.

Thats why officers need to wear gloves! Safty first, and never know if the person that is opreheded has a desease or not and if that person needs to be brought down and has blood that blood can go into a cut or something and thats how we get transmitted deaseses.

Thats why this is importaint as well.

Everyone will have a website by default with this Digital Account

Everything that you own will be an item/Product that will be clickable and if a friend likes your shoes or anything you post on the internet and if they like it and click on it you will get paid, everyone will be or act as an affiliate.

And Since all Currency will be Digital this will become easier to do.

Celebrities will be able to advertise by simply wearing, or visiting places around the globe, fans will and can purchase if available anything they have and own. Everyone will be an affiliate.

Many people will disagree, with the affiliate program because others that are making a profit will recieve a smaller check amount in the mail.


To prevent thieves and unlicensed drivers the DMV card will need to be placed in a vehicle slot to allow the driver to activate the motor vehicle(s), or to give authorization to others with driving privileges.

When and if a person trys to run away from the authorities the vehicles and other authorized doors and vehicles will be Closed or inactive and an alarm or GPS signal of the fugitives location will be broadcasted to local authorities.

The solution will solve the problem of police pursuits, driving under the influence, and many many other dangers that others might try to impose on others.

Digital Banking:

This will filter out the poor and rich alike, those that need and require help will get the help necacary without fraud.

Digital Taxes, spending and earnings

The problem is that many people dont have enough to live on so they come up with ways to steal or get help without telling or notifing the "help supports" that are there for us. Those who do not qualify or fall under specific funding programs will be filtered out by default. therefore preventing fraud on a large scale.

Digital DMV Monitoring system:

The DMV monitoring system will be a way to keep track of all "Messaging Communication" regardless of what website or app is used. Others will try to go around this and communicate through other means but those too will be monitored for investigation purposes were other drastic measures can be used.

The Problems are evident, the SOLUTION is simple:

The poor will recieve the help neccacary that is required, the Rich will be able to help those in need.

Every Country will have its own "DMV" for people to register:

Out of the Country Visisting... Specefications???

Every Person will need to fall under a Country category, in whatever Country they wish to reside. Whatever Country that is chosen and plead aligence to will be attached to the Digital ID.

This is Not a religion, but a way of life

Everyone and everything will be monitored and recorded. As is currently with every cell phone or anything that possesses a "Receiver" or microphone.

Crime Solving:

Our computer software will be able to solve crimes by observing history movements and activities. Prisons will have 24/7 servalance to monitor criminal activities, those who the cameras pin point as agressers will be housed accordingly.

World Unity:

Once and only once everyone is Registered can we work towards world unity, conducting business more effeciently and accuratly.

This will be as simply as a state with many cities and people given authoriety to rule and look out for the best intrest of others within there own terotory.

Authorization of Classified information:

Only those who have authorization can access classified information, like doctors, lenders of money, and those in authority to the highest ranking with more sensitive information.

Internet Regulations:

There is too many educational videos of verous subjects, those who wish to study specific material must or highly classified footage that can result to further terrorisum deeds will be noted.

For Newer Generations everything studied will be documented, eventually filtering this information out.

Contact Us

You are being watched!!!

Trying to contact someone try calling 911

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    Bound to Happen


  • Keep your money - Ill be tracking your spending habits